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What is Fieldmouse Press?

Fieldmouse Press is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) publishing house based in Grass Valley, California. We are passionate about comics, and our goal is to advance the medium through the publication of new and underrepresented voices. We believe that comics should be a place for every story and every person.

What is SOLRAD?

SOLRAD is Fieldmouse Press’ first major publishing project. Launched in January 2020, SOLRAD is a nonprofit online literary magazine dedicated to the comics arts. Run completely by a volunteer staff, SOLRAD publishes original content ranging from comics criticism, original comics, essays, interviews, and the promotion of small-press events and releases. The site is a platform for new, underrepresented, and otherwise marginalized creative voices, in addition to commissioning work from well-established cartoonists, critics, journalists, and authors.

Will you publish my comic?

Fieldmouse Press is currently CLOSED to submissions. Check out our Submissions page for more information.

Press & Marketing Inquiries

To request advance or review copies of any of our titles, email publisher [at] fieldmouse [dot] press. Along with your request, please include your affiliation and provide links to previous reviews, if available.


Academic desk copy requests should be sent to the address listed above. Please include the name of the professor, course description, and expected enrollment.


For all other requests please use the form here.


Fieldmouse Press is a nonprofit publisher of comics, essays, and literature, based in Grass Valley, California.